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July 23, 2014    


Fantastic Coquina # II, Large Seashell Decorated Mirror
Fantastic Coquina # II, Large Seashell Decorated Mirror Decor

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This is Fantastic Coquina # II. This seashell mirror and the other one name Fantastic Coquina # I where hung in the same house in different rooms in an Interior Decorator's clients home. Both follow a similar but yet, different color scheme. Like I said, this seashell mirror is darker colors like blacks and browns and has more red seashells and the other one (Fantastic Coquina # I) has lighter colors and caramel colors than it's mate. This seashell mirror is also 28 W and 37 L. The outside frame of this seashell mirror is covered with seashells and the pattern interlocks with the front view as to give it a 3 dimensional look. I can make this design with different tones you might want it perphaps with more yellows and whites, oranges, purples etc. you choose. Call Bea at or email her at  with questions or just to purchase this seashell mirror.

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